Happiest cat ever: The miraculously rescued cat couldn’t even believe that he was alive…


The builders loved this cat a lot and used to feed him every day.

One day, when the builders were working, they suddenly heard a loud screeching sound from among the bushes.

Approaching the bush, they saw a python who approached their beloved cat and wanted to swallow him.

The snake was quite determined and was not going to let the cat go.

As for the young cat, he was already exhausted and could not even resist anymore.

However, people decided to save the cat in every possible way.

Python was already preparing to attack them, but when they hit him many times, he was forced to change his plans. The cat lay on the dry leaves and did not move.

One of the workers quickly approached him and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation to bring him back to consciousness.

The cat was still weak and needed some time to fully recover.  As soon as he recovered, they fed him, offering him fish.

He was definitely very grateful to his rescuers, just didn’t have the strength to express it.

Thank you, kind people, for saving the cat’s life.

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