For 2 years, the dog wandered the same streets he used to walk with his owner, not knowing he was no longer there…


The white dog was always seen wandering the streets alone. He was obviously in a bad condition and had not eaten for a long time.

He barely moved and didn’t even pay attention to the passers-by. The dog had very sad eyes, as if he was not interested in anything else․․․

The neighbours of the area see the dog every day, but they didn’t know why he was always walking on that same street.

The dog had been starving for so long that it became very thin and weak. As surprising as it was, but over time it turned out that the dog was not really stray.

The thing is that his owners, until going to work every morning, leave their pet Jindol outside as he wants to go for a walk.

Previously, the dog was a very active and happy dog, but one day all his life turned upside down…

When the owner’s mother died, the dog chոanged beyond recognition. He was very depressed by the loss.

The woman died more than two years ago, but to this day no one has been able to he lp the dog overcome the pain.

At first, the dog would just whine, cry, mourning the loss of his beloved person, but over time, his grief seemed to be replaced by longing.

Every day he leaves the house and goes for a walk on his own, wandering the very paths where he used to walk with his owner.

The dog seemed to be doing this in an attempt to recapture the memories he had with his owner there.

Everything went so deep that the animal started to get sick from longing.

Of course, the woman’s son understood that it was very difficult for the dog, so he tried to help him somehow.

Now he goes for a walk with the dog every day, following the same route he takes. He hopes that the dog will finally be able to accept it all and return to his normal life again…

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