Five times stabbed police dog gets a hero’s welcome as he returns to duty after recovery


Police dogs do a great job. They selflessly serve various inspections; they are able to do much more than humans.

For example, they find the missing by their smell, just as they chase after suspects. In one sentence, they protect us at any cost.

Risking their lives describes these loyal dogs.

Such an incident took place a few months ago when a police dog was injured during its service. Fortunately, he recovered and was warmly received in the performance of his duties.

His name is Kaiser. The dog was on duty with his guard when an officer received a call about a burglar in London.

When they arrived at the scene, Kaiser lowered the thief, but, unfortunately, the armed criminal received several stab wounds.
It is unbelievable that the dog even kept the suspect injured.

Fortunately, the cuts were not serious, and the dog soon recovered. Just two months after the incident, the dog returned to work.

Kaiser was given a toy as a sign of return. Sutton police said Kaiser was “just excited” about the gift.

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