Feral Foal Rescued From Mud Has Heartwarming Reunion With Her Mom


For years, wild horses have shared the land in the areas of British Columbia where Candice Jordan Camille lives. Candice writes that Jordan’s job as a Range Rider is to “keep an eye on herds, grasslands, and border fences.”

He recently spotted a group of wild horses around a pond.

Usually the horses will be afraid of his presence, but for some reason they were standing in their position.

As Candice is a professional photographer, he informed her that the horses were close enough for him to approach and photograph them.

“What he did not realize was that they were standing in their positions, protecting the newborn foal, which was stuck in deep mud near the canal,” Camille explained on their YouTube channel.

The White Sea stood guard, hitting him every time he tried to approach the foal to free him. A shepherd also stood guard over the baby. The horses tried to drive Jordan away several times.

Jordan did not know how long the foal was left, but he knew he would have to be saved if he survived.

“Candice came to reach out to Jordan, they both have to watch the baby and take the foal out.

“This video shows videos that probably took two hours to pull the foal out, rub it down, give it electrolytes, and wait for the sea to pick up the baby again,” the couple wrote about the rescue.

As they mentioned, they tried to warm him, but the foal was shocked and weakened by his ordeal.

There were a few moments when the foal collapsed, got into more trouble, and Jordan did the same as the sea kept trying to protect its young.

Jordan even had to climb a tree.

But it was definitely worth the effort. Wait until you see the mother the stallion reunite with their baby in the video below.

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