Dance therapy with his mom helped the deaf and blind dog overcome all that horrible days


When Julie came to adopt Bean, she knew she was in for some complications because the older doգ was blind and deaf.

Bean was 11 years old when he was rescued from a very “terrible” situation.

Since he had been deprived of family love for many years, he was not used to being around people like Elrod at first.

Poor Beanie had such a hard time that he didn’t even like to eat.

Of course, Elrod still had a lot of work to do. She wanted to show and teach Bean how to love.

And at that time he had a great idea: she started dancing with the dog.

Beanie even ran away every time Elrod tried to pet his, but as for the dance therapy, he seemed to like it.

After a while, he began to feel even better. Now he looks like a brand new dog and it’s all thanks to Elrod’s dedication.

Bean finally got used to the presence of people and was able to create a connection with his surroundings.

At first, he didn’t know how to give love and had no idea about family affection, but now he feels so calm and free.

Elrod also says that Beanie helped her change her life for the better too, brightening up his every day.

“I thank God for every second I spent with him.”

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