Bride wanted to take an old lady to a nursing home but the car took them to an unknown place


Unfortunately, in many cases, the lives of the elderly are not so well arranged.

They are abandoned by the people for whom they were ready for everything at the time. There is a woman named Maria. He was sitting at home when the bride returned unexpectedly and said:

“Gather your essential things, we have to go somewhere”

“Where are we going?” But there was no answer. When Maria’s son passed away prematurely, he began to feel useless.

To have money for his son’s treatment, he sold the apartment, moved to the bride’s house, which was given to him by his parents, and where his son’s family once lived.

But no money, no medicine and no treatment saved her only son’s life. From then on, Maria stayed at the bride’s house and had nowhere else to go. But he realized that sooner or later he would have to leave.

“Shall we go and see Mariamikis again now?” Maria asked in despair.

“Of course, the bride was surprised by his question.”

All the way Maria was restless, she could not find a place. He pressed the bag with some things to his chest and prayed incessantly that they would not go to the nursing home.

Half an hour later they reached a small village near the city The bride grabbed her mother-in-law by the hand and helped her out of the car.

To his surprise, it was not a nursing home, but a small private house.

It turned out that the bride had decided to make her mother-in-law a little happy on her late husband’s birthday.

“I sold our apartment, I bought this for you. My husband often said that he wanted to give you a house that you had always dreamed of. But he did not manage. now I do it for him”

Mariamik will get married in 2 months, I bought a one-room apartment for myself, why do I need a big house?

I promise to visit you often, do not think, I will not forget you. I see that you do not feel free in my presence. Live peacefully.

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