Being overlooked all his life Bianca finally found his cozy place in his final months


After living on the streets for 7 years, sweet Bianca finally found her happy place in this world.

Her rescue story simply touched my heart so deeply.

He was living on the streets of Greece until the rescue organization finally found out about him…

The poor doggie had a problem with movement and during these 7 years his only hope was strangers who, seeing her, approached her to feed and left.

He lived like that for 7 long years, until finally the rescue center found out about her.

Arriving there, the volunteers carefully transferred the dog into the car and took him to the shelter.

Bianca was so kind and fri tendlyhat it seemed like she had lived there for years and knew absolutely everyone.

SHe really had a heart of gold.

She was cared for with the utmost care by 6 kind rescuers, each of whom she trusted with all her heart.

The next morning she all had her first bath.

Due to the kind people the sweet girl got all the treatment and care she needed and in no time she was just glowing …

Watch the continuation of this wonderful story in the video below.


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