Appears you can adopt pups that failed government training as they were too nice and amiable


Those who would love to adopt dogs of certain breed, we have good news for they. They can choose the pups that were over sweet and lovable to pass the trainings.

The authorities have made a special adopting program for the training ‘dropouts’.

There are some special requirements to carry out the adoption.

Here are some of them; no plans of moving out, being able to provide them with special trainings and health care and also a huge amount of love.

The ones who will be approved will have to visit San Antonio, Texas twice. The 1st time they will meet the pups and on the 2nd time they will take them home.

They are really lovable but highly trainable. The only problem is that they were too nice to be governments doggies.

If you are ready to take this responsibility and are sure that you can handle this then loose no time and take the cute and wonderful doggies to your home.

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