An amazing 10-year-old kitten stands up on her paws and starts waveing to get people’s attention


Meet Valentine (Vali) who was brought to Community Cat Club in South Jersey early in this year. The little 10 years old tuxedo was so cuddly and sociable from the very first moment.

All she wanted was to be around people and have everyone’s attention. The shelter’s founder Sara Sharp told that the litter was brought to their family when her elder owner could no longer look after her.

From the very start Vali was a very sweet baby and never hesitated in the case of being around people. She can very easily get along with new people and make sure that everyone is getting her daily dose of happiness and love.

And also there was a case when they had to take him to the dentist as she had a tooth resorption. So now her lip always gets stuck on her gums and that is soo cute and soo funny at the same time.

Nobody expected Vali to saty so well in the shelter and everybody there wanted him to find a new home. For him that would be like going from her current home to a new one.

However, after six months no one seemed to be interested with her. Even after that many posts on social media no one came to take her, but that never was an obstacle for her and she continued living to the fullest.

She was happy with everything she had, mainly the people to hug, roof over her head and an amazingly comfy place to sleep.

Everywhere sh goes she founds new friends and she is like attracting love and calmness and everyone falls in love with her immediately.

However after waiting for more that a year the foster house decided to take Vali to the adoption center so that she would have more potential options of adopters.

Vali is a kind of a girl who is always up for new adventures and challanges. So after ariving to her new place she made a new plan how to get people’s attention.

With that intention on she got up to her legs and statred waving to the people who were passing by her little window.
And whenever volunteers came to visit her she offered the cutest head bumps and purrs aplenty. She loves all

people, no matter their age. And for sure Vali can make someone’s life really happy and full of joy in case of being adopted.

All she needs is a warm lap to sleep in or a soft soft blanked to curl up on. This is all that makes her the happiest cat of this world. Vali can’t wait to have the family of her dreams that will love and take care for her endlessly.

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