An 84-year-old man decided to apply make-up to his wife every day, as she wasn’t able to do it anymore


With aging comes various physical challenges that are considered to be some of the biggest obstacles.

Many things that you used to do sometimes become difficult over time to the point where you start to feel that your independence is on the way to being eroded.

Our today’s heroine is Mona Mainhan, who, unfortunately, her age began to prevent her from wearing make-up.

The point is that her vision started to deteriorate and her hands were shaking, preventing her from doing what she was used to.

However, the BBC has produced a very touching video of the couple, showing that Mona doesn’t really have to worry about her make-up as her husband does everything for her.

De Meinhan, who is 85 years old, does not hesitate to give his wife a make-up every day, which allows her to feel confident attractive.

This sweet video promptly spread all over the Internet, warming the hearts of millions .

Des loves his wife so much that he even decided to take makeup lessons to make sure he does everything right.

One day the personal makeup artist of Kim Kardashian heard about the sweet romance of this sweet couole and decided to surprise them…

Watch the continuation in the video below.

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