After witnessing all that the boy gave up his dream to help his best friend instead…


When the football played David goes home on the school bus, he always sits in the window seat.

Then one of the classmates said that what he did was really amazing. Another player agreed with him, continuing his speech.

The thing is that it has always been his biggest dream to play for his country and become a great footballer and his dream came true.

David was already enjoying the air of victory as he with his team lifted the gold championship trophy that day.

When the game was not even over, David kept repeating what he had to say in front of the cameras.

That day, when he was going home, David was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice how a boy sat next to him.

The boy also told David that he always dreamed of being such a great football player and being the best in school just like David.

The boy was a real fan of his and wanted to play like him,.

“Oh, Guillermo. Thank you.” David said. Then there was a silence and David started to dream again.

“Your shoes are very nice.” Guillermo continued.

“Oh, they’re old already, and as for the soles, they’re already starting to shrink. You should see about the shoes I want to get…” David’s eyes seemed to light up with excitement as he thought of the shoes for he had saved up a lot of money.

“Tell me more about them.” said the boy and suddenly slowly folded his legs under the seat. He just didn’t wan t David to see his ugly and torn shoes.

“They’re cool, neon orange”

The thing is, David had already been saving up for seven months to buy it and he was doing it so he wouldn’t worry his mother because he understands how hard his mother works for him and his sisters.

So finally, he was able to do it and bring home the shoes of his dreams. Once again, when they were on the bus together, he kept talking to Guillermo, saying that he finally did it and that evening he was going to buy the best shoes all over the world.

Hee said that the boy could also go with his because it would be the best feeling in the world…

Guillermo was really happy for him and excited for his idol, but just after that the bus hit a pothole and one of the boy’s shoes fell off.
on the floor.

David, seeing this, got really surprised. It was worn and blackened, a shoddy summer shoe.

Seeing this, David began to cry. He hid his face in his palms and was sobbing…

Once there, David finally spoke to Glimero, telling him to be ready tomorrow at 5 o’clock to visit the store…

When they entered the store, the owner of the store said that they were already packed c and ready.

At that moment David said to him. “Sir, can you show me these same shoes but in a smaller size?”

The shop owner, clearly confused, said they were his size and what was the problem.

“They’re for my best riend,” he replied. Guillermo, hearing this, simply could not believe it all.

“No, David, don’t do it, you don’t have to…” Then David, shaking Guillermo’s hand, said:

“Guillermo, you always keep calling me your hero, and today I really want to become one for you.

That was so touching. They hugged each other and went home.

After that when David was already at home, suddenly a signal was heard. It was Mr. Manning, the owner of the store.

David didn’t really understand what was happening until the man started to explain why he came.

“David, I know how much you wanted those shoes and how long you saved money for them.

And I saw today how you gave up your biggest dream for the sake of your friend, so such kindness must surely be rewarded.

So take it, the shoes are yours, it’s your size. … Don’t worry about the money, it’s a gift from me to you.”

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