After her beloved dog passed away she met the kitten whom he needed the most


Three years have already passed since Heidi said goodbye to her beloved friend, Bella.

It certainly left him with a heavy heart. Later, she received a message about a kitten in urgent need of help.

The thing is that runs a cat rescue center, so she couldn’t reject the request.

The orphaned baby was found in a scorching parking lot and they even wondered how he survived.

He was only 2 months old and was very scared when they found him.

Fortunately, they arrived at the scene in time and saved his life.

When Heidi took the kitten, the little one was still very shy and looked at her with sad eyes.

From that day on, she couldn’t part with the kitten anymore, giving him the care he needed.

She named the kitten Ellah. The sweet kitty continued the hug her beloved mom every day, showering her with the sweetest purrs.

From that day the kitten became a inseparable part of their family.

The former shy kitten has turned into a gorgeous cat with a very sweet nature and is living her best life in the best family.

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