A third set of twins has been born to a Scottish family, which happens 1 in 500,000


A Scottish woman recently gave birth to her third set of twins, while the probability of such an event is 1 in 500,000.

Karen Roger and Colin were simply shocked when they learned about the news. The couple said that the news of becoming parents again, and especiallt that is twins again, made them extremely happy.

Their daughters, who are non-identical twins, were born by C-section two minutes apart.

They told that they wanted to have another child, but they could not even dream that it would be a twin again, their third set of twins.

The woman was already in the sixth week of pregnancy when during the ultrasound examination she found out that she was expecting twins again.

At that moment, she immediately sent a message to her husband about the new addition to the family.

Her husband, at first, thought that his wife was joking about the twins, telling him that it was not funny, so Roger had to explain to his husband that it was indeed true.

Now the familyh lives happily taking care of their babies. They consider themselves very lucky parents to have been given such a great opportunity.

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