A rescued orphan bear knows how to have a great time instead of sleeping all winter…


Of course, many bears sleep durin winter, but as for Randy, he seems to have missed his chance to protect himself from the cold weather this time.

Instead of sleeping, he wanted to enjoy the cold weather and fairy snow.

Randy feels like he is in a fairy tale and has organized a fabulous day for himself.

Apparently not at all interested in spending such a beautiful day sleeping.

He probably feels very well in that thick fur, rolling around in the snow and making his own version of the famous snow angels.

After having fun, he gets up and shakes his fur as if imitating a dog. However, after a few seconds he regrets it and jumps back into the snow.

He is so funny. He seems to serve as an example for everyone how to enjoy life…

There is a shelter, the Wildlife Orphan Sanctuary, whose goal is to rescue orphaned babies and then return them to the wild.

They pay great attention especially to those animals that have always been deprived of maternal love and warmth.

Of course, no one can replace their mothers, but in any case, the volunteers here do everything so that the animals do not feel alone.

Randy, this sweet bear, is one of their many bears, who, as you can see, has found his way to a happy life.

How good it is that there are such wonderful organizations working hard to save these animals and, if possible, return them to the wild again.

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