A pair of dolphins make fun of a German shepherd, so he jumps into the water to do this


Is there anything worse than being ridiculed by someone? It’s not fun for dogs either.

German shepherd Maverick was resting on the water with his master as a pair of dolphins jumped closer and closer to the cub.

Maverick looks closely at the dolphins, you can just say that they irritate his nerves. The dog can only make fun of it as long as it has to act with impulse, writes ilovemydogsomuch. tv.

Suddenly, without warning, Maverick jumps in the air and jumps directly into the water.

He wanted to swim and play with his good friends. The dolphins just swam happily along the way, causing no harm. Maybe the full dog wanted to be part of their swimming team.

His master was not so pleased, he summoned the crown so that the ships could return. He managed to pull her out of the water and return to safety.

One thing is for sure. This is an animal that will not allow dolphins to chase it. Watch the fun in the video below.

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