A kind volunteer warmly welcomed the 7 little pups, who cannot be separated from each other even after growing up


After rescuing Amy and her pups, they were placed in a foster home.

Di Mari welcomed Amy and her seven babies with great enthusiasm, making them feel safe as one big united family.

Amy was always there for her little ones to make sure her pups felt calm and safe.

Before coming to the foster home, Amy lived with a family that did not provide her with proper care and visits to the vet.

So when the dog became pregnant, they decided to ask for help.

Marie was one of those people who immediately reached out to take care of the big sweet family of dogs and after spending a lot of time with them, she found out that each of them is special and has a very unique personality.

They spend most of the day doing their favorite hobby, sleeping together.

As the puppies grew, Marie decided to add another crate to make them more comfortable, but surprisingly, the puppies didn’t mind at all, continuing to sleep all in one crate.

They have already reached three times their original size, but they still like to sleep pressed like that.

The puppies are now 10 weeks old, so it’s sadly time to say goodbye to Marie’s home to live with their forever families, but surely they all have a great future ahead of them.

Marie has done everything to ensure that the sweet puppies become wonderful companions for their new families.

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