A caring elephant welcomes a blind elephant as her second nanny


n an elephant nature park in Thailand, three rescued elephants form an unexpected bond.

They all have had harsh lives, and those experiences shaped them to be who they are today.

The elephants’ names are Kabu, Chana, and Ploythong. Kabu had trouble getting along with Ploythong at first, but Chana acted as an intermediary between them. Now they are all best friends.

Chana had welcomed Ploythong as her second nanny. They all take care of each other. Ploythong has been blind for many years, and Chana has taken it upon herself to act as her guide.

Thanks to Chana, Ploythong can explore the elephant park without issues. Before she was rescued, Ploythong worked by giving rides to tourists.

Kabu’s mother worked as a logging elephant, and she was a baby when she dislocated her leg.

Chana broke her leg at a young age, and she separated from her mother. They thankfully survived through all these endeavors to eventually be rescued and brought to their new home.

The bond in their family is now unbreakable. They enjoy the open space and all the amenities that the park has to offer.

They are fed well and are protected at all times.

In the park, there is a wide river with flowing water that they love to bathe in. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and a lush landscape.

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