13 years have already passed since that miracle happened in their family… They look so different now


About thirteen years have already passed since the day when a miracle happened to the Artamkin family.

They had five children, all five of them girls.

To say that they were surprised would be an understatement.

It was more than just surprise. The point is that no one knew the sex of the babies before the birth.

However, before giving birth, the doctors advised them to remove the two embryos, because it could cause danger to the mother and the babies.

But being true Christians, the family rejected the offer. Everything would be as God wanted it to be.

Therefore, hearing that answer, the Russian doctors refused to do their work, and the couple had to have babies abroad.

The woman was 26 weeks pregnant when the girls were born.

The babies were underweight, so they were immediately placed in an incubator, but they were growing and developing well. So after some time, the family returned to Moscow.

In addition to the fact that the multi-member family received a great reception at the airport, the couple was also given a four-room apartment, which was already furnished and quite large.

Now the girls are already 12 years old. They are quite different from each other, both in appearance and character, but each of them is very special and unique. They just have an amazing family and always thank God for that.

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