Wild and shy kitten finally started to trust people living his best life in the new family


The wild kitten now enjoys the love and attention of his family…

The kitten ended up at Ashley’s Cat Academy, a cat rescue service.

He was a very shy and timid cat who was born outside and raised by a wild cat.

He huddled in a corner and did not want anyone to approach hom.

He spent the first few weeks like that without any human contact.

Potato who had spent a lot of time with his mother, of course he got some fierce traits from her.

After being rescued, he received appropriate treatment, took a bath and after being thoroughly cleaned, was wrapped in a towel.

For the first time, a positive change was noticed in him, which made everyone very happy.

Potato finally began to overcome his fears, having fun in his new life.

The kitten was soon moved to his foster family where, with the help of his feline friends, he learned to trust people and explore the world around him.

He loves to curl up on his blanket or snuggle up in someone’s warm arms, waiting to be petted.

Potato feels very energetic and relaxed. He can often be found lounging by the window. He surely lives his best life.

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