Tubs gets so excited to meet new people and here’s what his dad did to make his life easier:))


Dogs can really make new friends in no time, and while most people love to take care of their neighborhood dogs, there are some breeds that don’t get the same warmth and love.

Pit bulls are certainly not that popular as street dogs, but humans have always continued to treat these dogs unfairly, believing in the myth that they are fierce and cruel dogs.

Recently, people have been noticing a dog named Tabs who just loves to meet and befriend other people.

He especially had a habit of standing by the fence of their house, impatiently waiting for passers-by to approach him.

He is so excited to meet other people that he begins to actively wag his tail every time.

So his owner decided to put a sign on the fence in colorful letters that said,

“Tubs is friendly”.

They also filmed a series of videos where the sweet dog met different people every day.

It has so much love in it, showing that these breeds can really be great friends.

Tabs has since become a real star on the internet, breaking all stereotypes about his breed.

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