The previously tough K9 turned into the gentlest one when he met his newborn sister for the first time


K9 dog whose name is Sonny, is always ready when it’s time for duty.

Corporal Jason Frein, his paw-rent, told that when the dog saw him in a police uniform, he knew it was time and immediately got into the patrol car.

He also shared very interesting facts about the dog, noting that the dog even feels when he is happy or sad answering him with some barking.

In that wat he wanted to show him that he fully understood and supported him.

However, upon entering the house, Sonny immediately turns off his “police officer” position and takes the role of his little sister’s protector.

Jason and his wife used to consider sonny their world, but everything changed when his sister was born.

At first they were afraid of Sonny’s reaction to a new member of the house, especially a newborn baby, but they were surprised at how well he welcomed her.

Sonny was so sweet to his little sister and it seemed that the former tough police officer had turned into a very gentle and patient brother.

He was so calm when the baby started playing with his ears or tail.

He really understands that he is already a big brother and have many responsibilities.

The dog takes care of his sister with the same zeal as he does at work. So sweet!!

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