The poor cat was in such bad condition that the volunteers were even afraid to touch him…


The pics completely reflect the current condition of the cat and it is natural that we should not think about finding a family for it in such a situation. We were also afraid that we would not be able to save his life…

As soon as we found the cat, we quickly took him to the vet. There was no time to delay.

When we saw the cat, it became clear that the pics we received did not fully reflect the whole situation.

In fact, the cat was in even worse condition than we expected. He was looking at us as if he was begging for help.

It is not clear how long he was left there without food or even water, but it resulted in a lot of problems, including dystrophy and dehydration.

The cat was so thin that we were afraid to touch it. It was just so terrible. Obviously every muscle of his was aching.

When the cat was taken to the clinic, the tests failed because there was no suitable vein on the cat’s body – literally a walking skeleton…

The first thing that had to do was to fatten up the cat. He also received treatment against parasites.

We are sure that everything will be fine with the kitten and very soon he will be able to go to his new home.

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