The heroic mother dog saved the life of a newborn keeping him warm until help finally arrived


This dog who has a heart of gold is Way, who deserves our warmest words.

You will soon find out why. She has always lived on the streets, but now she also takes care of her newborn puppies, which of course made her job more difficult, because now she has to feed more mouths .

So she wandered the streets to see what she could find for the babies.

It was already quite cold in Argentina, so it became much more difficult for her.

Then, when Way went out to find food again, she found a newborn baby in an alley, all alone.

The dog was so smart that she quickly realized that the baby needed to be kept warm so she rushed to her puppies and placed them around the newborn. Then she tried to warm the babies with her body as much as she could.

The next day, while passing by, a woman named Alexandra heard the crying of a newborn and went in that direction.

When she found them, she was simply amazed by it all. She immediately called the police, who came there and took the baby to the hospital.

The doctors are simply convinced that without this heroine the boy would surely die. The baby was named Santino, who was already doing very well thanks to Way’s excellent care.

A few days later, the police managed to find the baby’s mother too, who already had eight more children.

They arrested the woman on charges of child abandonment, and as for Way, they placed her in a shelter with her babies until a new home could be found for them all.

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