The faithful dog blocked the road of the ambulance in an attempt to get their attention…


Dogs will never leave us, no matter what may happen. To protect us they are even ready to give their lives.

One day the driver suddenly started to drive slowly because he saw a dog sitting in the middle of the road.

When the driver called him, the dog still did not move.

One of them, getting out of the car, tried to make the dog get up from there and go somewhere else, but when he got back into the car, the dog returned to its place. It surprised them a lot.

He decided to approach the dog again, but that time he did not let him approach, but simply walked towards the bushes.

He suddenly stopped and called his colleagues. When they came there, they saw that an old man was lying unconscious near th bushes.

As they rushed the man to the hospital, the faithful dog ran after them. The loyalty of the dog was simply amazed everyone.

When it was already possible to transfer the man from the intensive care unit to a regular unit, the doctors allowed the dog to visit his owner.

When the old man opened his eyes and saw the dog lying next to him, he began to cry caressing his faithful friend.

Later it was found out that the man went for a walk with the dog and had a stroke at that time.

If the dog didn’t lie down in front of the car and block the road, they wouldn’t have been able to save the man…

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