The dog could never adjust to living at home until he met the most caring and patient family ever…


This dog weighed 135 pounds, a breed known for its large size. However, this dog never learned to live at home.

He didn’t know how to climb stairs, get in or out of a car.

Fortunately, however, one loving family was ready to patiently help him in all matters.

Until then, the dog was in a shelter in Nebraska, and when Jane saw Cosmo’s eyes, she realized that he should be her family’s dog.

Therefore, she was even ready to go a long way to bring the dog home.

Little did Cosmo know, however, that his life was going to change forever from that moment on.

When they first met, they were very warm to each other…

At that moment, Jane was once again convinced that she had made the right decision so they together drove back to New York.

There his family was waiting for their new doggy so excitedly…

In the beginning, of course, everything was not so easy and it was a little struggle for all of them.

They had to teach the dog everything that a dog needed to know.

The house was fortunately very big, so it was the perfect place for him, and Jane’s family were more than willing to guide him through everything.

After a few days, he felt very well, he even started to “play” with other dogs, just doing it lying on the ground.

After a few weeks, Cosmo was slowly becoming a house dog, learning “all the skills of a pet”.

And 2 months later, the sweet giant was simply living his best life, for which we are very thankful to this wonderful family.

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