The 4-year-old girl sended a letter to her daddy in Heaven, but what happened next was even more touching


Adorable girl named Milan congratulates his daddy on his birthday every year, but not in the way we imagine.

This year, however, everything was much more special than previous years.

The 4-year-old kid made a balloon with a very special inscription for his father…

The thing is, this sweet little girl has never seen her father because he was killed before she was born.

When he was killed, it was a very hard blow for his wife and mother. His untimely and tragic death just broke them into pieces.

It was just a week ago,that he found out he was going to have a girl and he was so excited… But unfortunately, they never met because of a tragic accident.

In spite of the fact that her father was not physically present, Milan seemed to know who her father was, so they continue to celebrate his birthday every year.

The girl seemed to want to do something special this year. So she decided to send balloons to her dad…

It said, “Happy Birthday, Daddy.” I love you and miss you….”

But she would never imagine, that she will also receive a response to her letter.

Watch the continuation in the video below. It was so heart-touching…

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