The 2-year-old doggie who had serious problems with her legs, managed to overcome everything due to her new friend


Brynnie is a wonderful dog who is only 2 years old but has managed to capture the hearts of thousands of people.

But this mini golden mix’s active life seemed to come to a screeching halt when she tore the ligaments on both of her legs…

These injuries caused her quite a lot of discomfort and prevented her from standing or walking.

Her parents were willing to do anything and were very determined to help their dog get back to her joyful life.

She was brought to the vet to go over treatment options.

She underwent knee surgeries, after which recovery was quite difficult.

After a few days, the vet allowed her to go for 5- to 10-minute walks.

Her parents decided to take her to a place where the heat would not be unbearable and the dog would feel more comfortable.

So they found a store for dogs, which also had an air conditioner. Within days, the place became Brynnie’s favorite.

One day, when they were went for a walk again, the sweet dog seemed to immediately bond with the store manager, whose name was Maddy.

Maddy already knew about the puppy’s recent surgeries and remaining issues to recover from all those injuries.

After learning all that, Maddie decided to give the pup a special gift.

She chose the best apron of the month for Brynnie, which she liked so much.

They put the apron on Briney, which made her look like a superhero, and took a quick picture of her.

Then just look at how wide she smiles. She had never been so happy and excited.

Now she is still recovering and thankfully getting stronger day by day.

The family is so grateful to this wonderful staff who did everything they could to get their son back on track.

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