Lovebirds celebrate their 100th birthday sharing with us the secrets of their long-lasting marriage


Their relationship started with a very simple smile…

They were 19years old when they met in church. Jun looked at him for a moment and smiled. After the service, they decided to go out for ice cream, spending the whole together and getting to know each other.

Hubert went to the church again the next week, hoping to meet her there again.

So after some time, they continued to meet,already exchanging their first kisses.

A year later, the man enlisted in the US Navy to participate in World WarII.

Hubert and June realized they had to make a decision about their future.

And they decided: it was already time to get married.

It was 1943, when they got married in the same church where they met.

Shortly thereafter, Hubert was sent to Honolulu to work on torpedoes and submarines.

After the war, when Hubert returned home, his wife was the only one who came to meet him. It was the best comeback he could ever wish for in his life. :

Years passed and they were already raising their three children. To this day, they spend their lives together in blissful happiness and love, who now have 8 grandchildren and 13great-grandchildren.

Of course, many people asked them about the secret of therir long-lasting romance, and they answered that they discuss everything together and have never had a single argument.

“You don’t hurt the one you love. And if there is an argument, just sit down and talk calmly. Talk and solve the problem, everything is clear”.

Today, the wonderful couple is already blowing out the candles on their bitrhday cake.

Already 79years together and also this year they both turned 100. Their family and friends celebrated the lovebirds’ birthdasys at the very church where they first met and then got married.

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