K-9 dog managed to save the life of a teenager whose parents just couldn’t be more grateful


A K-9 was able to find a missing teenage boy who had run away from home and was nowhere to be found. All that happened in North Carolina.

A 2-year-old Labrador retriever named Maverick learned to quickly search for a child in a wooded area.

The dog and his handler did everyyhing to find the boy after his family reported him missing.

Maverick is brilliant at his job and knows how to use his sense of smell to do what he is assigned.

Dogs use what we call a sense of smell in other things.

It is something thanks to which they are able to save many lives.

The family was extremely grateful to them for bringing their son home safely.

This amazing dog is now also learning narcotics detection, often working with children at local schools.

Dai lives with him and has been his manager since March.

He shared that the dog is extremely friendly and caring.

The police also informed that the family of the missing teenager did not want to provide details about their son’s case, not wanting to make it public.

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