Every day the stray dog Kupata helps children cross the street safely while going to school


Kupata is one of Georgia’s stray dogs, which does a great job. He does all that with great responsibility and enthusiasm.

He considers it his job to help all school children cross the street considering himself a school checkpoint guard.

He just adores children and that’s why he does everything to make sure they cross the street safely.

Kupata was still a puppy when he appeared in this area. He was always fed and cared for by local people.

It all started when he just started flying over cars one day, with the goal of stopping them so that children could cross the street safely.

He then starts barking furiously at the cars if they don’t stop anyway and continues walking with the children.

Kupata also likes to play with children after school.

All of them are very nice to him and often bring him his favorite foods, of which he likes to eat sausages the most.

That’s where its name came from, after the sausage Kupata.

Kupata is very popular with everyone and when his story was shared on the Internet, it immediately attracted the attention of thousands of people.

His fans even send gifts to the sweet boy from all over the world and he definitely appreciates all that.

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