Encounter the nearest living relative to the Dodo bird


The well known bird dodo has been wiped out for quite a while, yet some direct relation actually exists on the world today.

The Nicobar pigeon is one of them, this wonderfully exceptional animal is as of now the closest living association with the flightless bird.

One perceptible distinction is the Nicobar pigeon’s vital luminous plumage that sparkles in different colors.To top off this blast of varieties, are its ruddy legs and little white tail.

One explanation they have these bright qualities is because of their area, the little detached island they live on needs normal predators.

This implied there was never motivation to cover themselves and thusly had the option to foster such enchanted feathers.

The Nicobar pigeon is presently thought of “close compromised” with protection endeavors proposed to assist the birds with flourishing again.

They live in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. What a totally adorable animal.

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