Actor Chris Evans says that he’s “laser-focused” on finding a life partner


Meet Chris Evans very well known actor who is a man of mission. On one of his interviews he was asked what he is mainly focused on at this period of his life.

And his answer was that he is maybe focused on finding a partner, like someone you wanna live with. Chris is a very well known and lucky actor. He stars in Netflix’s new film The Gray Man.

He mentioned that he is fond of his job, he gives each and every piece of himself to that and he is happy with that. However he says that he needs someone to rely on, someone that one can pour all of yourself into.

It can be about someone you wanna spend your life with. The actor is already 41 years old, and has been romatically attached to several actresses.

However, while he hasn’t found the half of his life, the one that he wants to get old with, Chris does not go to an empty house his best friend, his dog is waiting for him.

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