A pregnant horse rescued from a slaughterhouse sees her baby for the first time and her reaction was priceless


CER is one of such organizations that rescues horses in need. One of those horses was a pregnant mare named Fancy.

Happily, she was saved just in time, otherwise she was going to be slaughtered and eaten…

That brutality is why Fancy was so afraid of humans.

When this organization heard about Fancy’s story, they qucikly rushed to help Fancy and her baby.

These people are so dedicated to helping horses in need that they promptly dropped everything to rescue them.

However, when the team rescued Fancy from the slaughterhouse auction, she still didn’t understand what was happening and was terrified of her rescuers.

So the rescuers did everything to calm her down and gain her trust.

They even slept with her in the barn so she could see how friendly and kind they were.

Over time, all their efforts paid off and Fancy finally warmed up to the rescuers.

A few days later the adorable baby was born and fortunately, everything went well.

When Fancy met her baby for the first time, she was so excited and happy. Her reaction says it all.

She also showed how grateful she is to her rescuers for doing everything for her and the baby.

We are also happy to inform you that they have already found their homes, being adopted by wonderful families.

What a great ending to the story!

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