A brave school boy managed to save his 2 brothers from their burning house…


Anatoly, who is just a schoolboy, managed to save his two younger brothers from the burning house.

The incidents took place in May, when the children’s parents were at work. .

Their eldest son was working in the vegetable garden, while his brothers were at home.

Ilya was the youngest who was sleeping in his crib, and Andrey was watching TV.

After some time, the eldest son felt a strange smell. Suddenly he also noticed that smoke was rising from their garage.

He immediately ran home to get his brothers out of the house. Since Ilya was sleeping in the room next to the garage, he quickly ran to take him.

At the same time, he called Andrey, and they immediately left the house together.

Minutes later, the fire had already spread to the second floor and the balcony, but fortunately, the children were already in the neighbors house and managed to call the fire department.

When their parents got home, the fire engine had already arrived. It took quite a long time and efforts to extinguish the fire.

“They ask us if we are proud of Tolya?” That’s the least we can say. He struggled with asthma and allergies in the very beginning of his life.

To this day, he still only has victories. Anatoly is a real brave hero,” added Anatoly’s mother.

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