A 15-year-old dog, who had been abandoned by his family, got adopted by a very kind man


His family left Belky on the side of the highway and went…

Imagine how much pain it must have been for a 15-year-old dog when his loved ones left him and went away.

When the poor old dog was found, he was very overweight and covered in maggots.

He had no idea why he was alone, but the great desire to live was still not lost in him.

The animal rescue organization immediately went there and took him to the shelter.

They did everything to treat him and find him a new home very quickly.

Although they understood that very few people would want to adopt him because of his age, they did not lose their hope.

However, they took excellent care of him and did everything to make him feel good.

He followed a special diet and treated for maggots.

Soon after his treatment was over, fortunately a kind person who found out about this dog decided to help him and came to adopt him.

Now we are happy to announce that the adorable dog lives in his new home and he will definitely never feel alone.

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