When they took him to the shelter, the dog was very confused, but after some time he finally started to warm up


The dog named Holden, who ended up at the shelter, completely exhausted…

The old dog had gone through so many difficulties that he had already lost hope of being saved, but he had no idea what kind of miracle was waiting for him.

When he arrived at the shelter, he was almost starving and shivering incessantly.

He would get nervous whenever he saw any food, even cat food.

For a while, Holden was in limbo and was always wrapped in a blanket, seemingly avoiding everyone.

On top of all that, people soon found out that there was something in his body that could just kill him.

The thing was, Holden had a 7 pound tumor in his body that made him unable to even eat.

However, despite all that, after a few weeks his heart seemed to warm up, which was evidenced by the enthusiastic wagging of his tail.

He began to respond to even the smallest getsures of kindness.

Holden was operated on immediately and even though his head was still down, he would definitely be able to overcome that.

Step by step he was getting closer to the life of his dreams, the first big step of which was leaving the shelter and moving to his new home.

One of the volunteesr named Ashley decided to take Holden home and while sitting in the back of her car, she took some cute selfies with him that really made the sweet dog happy.

He felt very calm and safe with Ashley.

The second step was his recovery thanks to his foster mother, who seemed to become Holden’s guardian angel doing everything for his quick recovery.

In addition to Holden, there were also nine other dogs in the house, with whom Holden obviously get along very well and after a short time already made wonderful progress.

Fortunately, everything is fine with him now and despite the fact that he still needs a bit of treatment, obviously the most difficult times are in the past now.

So it’s time to enjoy life to the fullest.

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