When the woman approached to feed the rabbit again, that time what she found out here, was simply shocking


Margarita Starteeva, who lives in Russia, once came home from work and noticed a big hole there.

It immediately attracted her attention and she decided to come closer. When she went up to the hole, suddenly a rabbit jumped out of it.

The kind woman found out that the rabbit appeared there, from a farm 4 kilometers away from the village.

Probably, coming there, the rabbit decided to dig a hole and live near her house.

She began to feed the animal every day, who accepted it with great pleasure.

The rabbit felt calm and what he had was enough for him to feel happy.

One day, when Margarita went out to feed the rabbit again, she noticed a dog near the hole.

At first, of course, she was very afraid, because she started worrying about the life of long-eared rabbit.

But when she got closer, what she saw really surprised her. Sje saw that the dog was hiding in the hole next to the rabbit.

But that was not all. There were also little puppies in the hole.

Therefore, the woman realized that now she has to take care of all of them, because the family had grown quite a lot.

One day, however, the mother dog did not come. The woman looked for him nearby, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately, she later found out that the dog had been shot.

After that day, the long-eared took all the responsibilities of taking care of the pups and took care of them like a real mother.

He carefully followed the pups wherever they went, driving away the curious cats that sometimes gathered there.

Protecting the orphaned babies, the sweet rabbit simply did not allow them to die during those severe frosts.

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