When the rescuers met the dog, they were really shocked because he had the worst claws they had ever seen


Owners of the dogs know very well that as soon as their claws start to touch the ground, it’s time to trim them.

No animal deserves to suffer because of this kind of pain. One day, the rescuers of Mariton County, recently met a dog ​​that simply shocked them.

He had the longest claws they’ve ever seen. An 11-year-old dog came to the shelter in terrible condition, with the longest claws the shelter workers had ever met.

“Some of the poor dog’s claws were so long that they even began to curl, causing him pain. They had already rolled around each other.”

No one knew how long Dosena had been in that condition, but one thing was clear, his claws were in dire and urgent need of care and had to be cut very carefully.

Also, he had some tumors that needed to be removed in the next few days.

These tumors found in the dog are often cancerous, so in such cases it is a good idea tohave the dog spayed.

On top of all this, he also had a leg deformity that had probably been with him since birth.

It seemed to them that this did not bother him, because he was able to use his leg without any difficulty.

Now our sweet Docena is slowly recovering, experiencing the joy of walking without losng claws.

Once again, we want to remind you to always check the length of your pet’s claws.

The vet of your pet or animal care will definitely help you in this matter, assessing whether it is time to cut them or not.

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