When ‘Simon’ started singing, it shocked everyone so much, that it’s even impossible to describe in words


We have witnessed millions of brilliant performances on the famous show, but this one will remain forever in everyone’s memories. It was just so amazing.

This is clearly evidenced by the expressions on Simon’s face, showing his surprise. It was so incredible and wonderful.

I simply adore watching it over and over again. Who would have guessed that something like this would happen on the show?

However, it actually happened, shocking all those present and most of all Simon himself.

Everything was pretty shocking. It turned out that the author of all this is a company called Metaphysic, which teamed up with one of the former participants of “AGT”, Daniel Emmet, to bring this idea to life.

The team has created a deep fake of singing, processing the legendary song “You’re the Inspiration”.

When Emmett came to the stage, no one could even imagine what was waiting for them in seconds.

On the stage, he first takes a special pose and stands in front of a special camera. After that, he was projected on a giant screen and everyone’s attention was drawn to the screen at once. What was happening?

Cowell’s head on Emmett’s body? Yes, it really was, but it still wasn’t the most amazing thing. When he started singing, it was a real sensation…

Hurry up and watch this stunning performance.

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