When a mother learns about, that her son’s classmate eats leftovers, decided to organize a meeting with parents


Once Kourtney came to her son’s school to take him home, and Peter noticing her rushed to the car and climbed inside.

“Mom, you know I’m very hungry and feels like I’m starving. I didn’t eat anything today because I gave my food to Aiden. He was hungry and I had to help him, but no one should know about it.

Hearing this, she immediately frowned and stopped the car. “I don’t understand. Everyone takes their own lunch to school, why did you give him yours?”

“Mom, he doesn’t eat anything and says that his mom can’t afford his lunch. He goes there every day, hides and after that eats the leftovers.

One day I suddenly saw him there, so he told me everything and also asked me not to tell anyone, cause he is afraid that everyone will start making fun of him. Therefore, since I knew today that he had nothing to eat again, I gave my share.”

Hearing all that, Courtney became so happy that her son was kind enougsh to help a classmate in need. But then she started thinking about Aiden’s mother.

When they got home, she called Peter’s teacher to find out more about the boy and understand the problem.

When she called the teacher and asked about it,she answered that Aiden is actually a very talented child,, however, things are bad in the family.

“Oh .. I’m sorry, I really should n’t have interfered.. .

“The thing is, they’re divorced and Aiden’s mom takes care of him all alone… On top of that, she is sick.. A total mess….”

Courtney was saddened to learn of Aiden’s condition and wanted todo something to help him. Here’s what she thought to do…

The next day, she called the teacher again.

“Mrs. Dickens, can you please give me a little help?”

“Sure, what happened?”

“Can you set up a meeting with all the parents because I’d like to talk to them about something… to help Aiden….”

“Well, first of all, we’ll need the director’s permission, but I can handle that. So, when do you want to do it?”

“Probably the next day, we should inform all the parents.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

So after that they all met and Mrs.Dickens informed them of the boy’s situation, but without revealing his name.

After hearing all that, just a flood of emotions started pourin’ out.

“What do you want us to do if a parent cannot feed his child?” They shouldn’t send him to school.”

“We just can be a little more generous as the poor child is forced to eat other children’s leftovers.

“Who saw all that? Why doesn’t he ask the parents to pay?”

“My son saw him and helped him and for me it’s just unbelievable how adults can’t see how terrible it is…”

There was also Aiden’s mother, who kept hiding her tears all the time, because she already understood that it was about her son.

“Well, then, you help him.” a man got angry.

“Of course I will, sir, but before I do, I want you to know the whole truth.

The thing is that the boy’s family is in a financial crisis and can’t even buy food. If your child was hungry and couldn’t eat, what would you do?

I also understand that sometimes circumstances force us to speak in such a way, but please try to undersatand what we are talking about.

A 11-year-old boy is waiting for his classmates to leave the room so that he can eat what is left there.

And what are you doing, judging his family? I am convinced that your children are much better than you, because most of them often share their food with him so that he does not go hungry.

There are two ways to solve this problem: to continue the discussions or to help him without risking the dignity of the boy and his parents.”

After saying that, Kourtney opened her wallet and taking out $200 put on the table.

At that moment, the whole room was siIent, but soon everyone started clapping. All of them put money one by one….

Then, when it was all over and Courtney was about to get into her car, Aiden’s mom came up to her to say thank you…

She also said that she felt so bad about the incident, but Kourtney reassured her that everything was fine and no need to worry.

A few days later when Peter came home from school, he brought with him BIG BIG NEWS.

“Mom, Ayden already eats with us now. Aiden doesn’t have to eat leftovers now. .. You are soo wonderful, mommy, I love you.”

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