Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have a wonderful relationship…“Their handsome son is 26”


This is how a good relationship should look when you’re young. It’s possible that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are still one of Hollywood’s most well-known and charming couples.

Their love has become a great example of what a young couple should be like in a healthy relationship. However, the generous couple decided to adopt two children rather than have their own.

Because they were always loved and taken care of, their children, Isabella and Connor, had the best childhood.

However, not everything goes according to plan, and the young couple started talking about getting a divorce. Furthermore, the attractive man’s adoptive parents did not divorce until he was six.

After that, Kidman moved to Australia and began visiting her children occasionally. And a few years later, when she married again, she stopped contacting her children and ex-husband.

As a result, the younger siblings remained with their father and were raised by him. Even, Cruz’s love of Scientology, according to rumors, was the primary reason famous stars broke up.

There are rumors that Cruise’s second wife, Katie Holmes, also couldn’t stand his eccentric tastes and a strong commitment to Scientology. Tom is still the best parent for his children despite this.

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