Titi is a dog and Snoop is a fox and they are great friends


Sometimes, animal connections are more interesting than those in books and cartoons.

The bond between a dog and a fox named Snoop is a living illustration of this. Titi lives in Norway with her owner, a photographer, who makes these incredible pictures.

Snoop and Titi act like they’ve known each other all their lives, so it’s clear that they don’t know they come from different species.

The owner began criticizing the industry and animal farms after witnessing Titi and Snoop’s relationship.

On social media, the owner claims that dogs and foxes are strikingly similar in behavior and attitude.

Snoop (and Titi) make use of the fact that they have a place to play by exploring the woods close to the owner’s house altogether.

The fox and dog don’t seem bothered by the fact that a camera is constantly recording them. They place a high value on spending time with one another.

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