This wonderful 4-year-old boy was hailed as a hero after rescing his little brother from drowning in a pool


When he saved his brother from drowning, a California boy who is four years old became a hero. He was given the opportunity to ride in a fire truck as a reward for his heroic deeds.

Mason Ochoa, four, was at home in Los Angeles with his parents at the beginning of November.

Nicholas, Mason’s one-year-old brother, had fallen into the family pool as he looked out the window in the afternoon.

Mason rushed outside to assist his brother without hesitation. Mason grabbed his brother by the hand and got to work quickly, keeping his head above water. He yelled for assistance at full volume.

In response to the commotion, the boy’s mother rushed to the pool and helped Nicholas get out of the water.

She asked her husband to call the emergency services as soon as she saw Nicholas’ red face and the fact that he was not breathing.

The rescue workers were able to revive Nicholas upon arrival and stop him from suffocating. Doctors didn’t find any serious injuries during their examination.

Mason’s quick wit and bravery impressed the local rescue team. They invited Mason to the fire station as a way of saying thanks.

There, he could drive a fire truck, turn on the water hose, and try on a firefighter’s uniform. Mason received an award in recognition of his heroism following the incident.

In a joking statement, the fire chief said that he would be delighted to have Mason join his team in 14 years.

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