This rescued pig and cat became the besties and now are inseparable


Have you seen them? Maria, a cat, and Lara, a pig, are on display here. They were both saved by activists for animal rights in Chile at the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary.

Maria was taken up on the street by a kind stranger when she was a newborn.

At the time, she was only a few days old, and it was clear that she would not wake up until dawn.

However, Lara suffered the same fate. Despite being saved and provided with shelter, she was born in an unfavorable location.

They embraced when they first saw each other in the refuge. In the hope that their actions will set an example for others, we will also give credit to those who save our canine companions.

Every day, the actions of other people cause so many of our beloved pets pain. Isn’t this just the most wonderful story ever?

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