This girl with the doll appearance is already 9 years old: here is what she looks like today


Today, a lot of parents are debating whether beauty pageants should not be held for girls who are too young to compete.

Some people argue that if their child has all the information, why not send them to rule all fashion houses and catwalks in the world?

Today, we’re going to talk about a young model who started her business a long time ago and is confidently advancing toward her dream’s zenith.

This wonderful girl, who has been modeling since childhood and has a doll-like appearance and a lot of makeup on her face, is sure to be remembered by many.

We remember Ira as a stunning young woman with blue eyes. She was known as “Living Barbie.”

However, her parents were criticized on multiple occasions, claiming that the girl does not require such stress, makeup every day, or overly complicated hairstyles.

As a result, she became a hero to many, who recognized her on the street and sought her autograph.

Ira is already nine years old, and her popularity has been steadily declining. She keeps her social media page up and is still stunningly beautiful.

However, the girl doesn’t want to remember her past as a “doll,” so there isn’t even a picture of her from that time on her pages.

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