This girl became a mother at the age of 11. How she lives now


The young lady lived in a similar condo with her grandma. She was raised by her grandmother despite not having parents.

What’s more, the person Habib likewise lived in this loft, he leased a room. He was 19 at the time. The young people started dating.

The girl became pregnant after a while. The young man was, of course, found guilty, but his sentence was suspended.

Because the young people demonstrated their love for one another in court. They had a daughter together. The young mother entered college after completing the ninth grade.

What’s more, in 2013 they had a kid. They wanted to separate after four years, but they learned that the girl was pregnant again.

Habib earns money and takes care of the young family now that they are expecting their third child. The young woman had to have a Caesarean section because of her age.

Even though the babies were born small in both instances, the doctors did not want to take responsibility.

Anyway, Habib’s family members never acknowledged the young lady, they are continually searching for another lady of the hour for their child.

They don’t think these kids are related to their son, among other things. However, young people are in love with one another and will not part ways.

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