This dog becomes the foster mom to around 100 babies after losing her best cat friend


Zigzag, a dog, was discovered on the street in Oregon a few years ago. Daria, a worker at the shelter, decided to bring Zigzag there six months later.

She had known for some time that Zigzag behaved very differently from the other dogs at the shelter. Zigzag quickly picked up on the language of the several cats Daria had as pets in the past.

Zigzag quickly developed a maternal attachment to a small kitten that was brought in after spending a lot of time in the shelter with Daria.

Zigzag treated the kittens with such tenderness and kindness.

She lets them trample all over her, acting like a huge, cuddly toy. According to Daria, Zigzag gives the kittens more than just basic care; She also appears to be aware of their particular requirements.

The mother will not frequently approach the agitated kitten but will instead lie still, giving him time to become accustomed to her presence.

If the kitten has been socialized, it will lick and paw it all over. More than a hundred kittens have been cared for in this manner by Zigzag over the years.

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