This brave and loving teenager carried 15 children in his arms during a camp fire and saved them


Camp Victoria was the scene of the fire that claimed the lives of three Adele dancers.

Teenagers were saving half-awake children from the blazing wooden structures while adults were in a panic and firefighters were looking for water.

It was impossible to count how many children Maxim Tikhonchuk, then 13 years old, had saved. The boy was in the next building, and many adults should learn from his quick reaction.

On Facebook, the deputy wrote about this boy. 13-year-old Maxim Tikhonchuk. the man who carried the kids out of five Camp Victoria rooms.

That is fifteen children’s lives!!! Children who were asleep and had no reason to worry. On Monday, he went to school with burnt hands.

A kind, strong, and humble man of whom his parents and the entire nation can be proud!!!”

In light of the fire’s violation of fire safety guidelines, the Odessa Region police have initiated criminal proceedings. Two children were taken to the hospital, according to authorities.

According to an article in the Ukrainian Criminal Code, “violation of fire safety requirements established by law, which resulted in the death of people,” two camp employees were under suspicion.

The Life Saving Medal was presented to the boy.

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