This 8-year-old boy undertook to take care of his sick mother himself. Now he is 24 years old


This story was widely covered in the media 15 years ago. Vlad, a typical 8-year-old schoolboy, took care of the house and his partially paralyzed mother on his own.

The story was followed by people all over the world with amazement, admiration, and surprise at the possibility of the situation.

This family’s life is not easy. The boy’s mother was unable to bear her son’s father’s drinking, so she left him.

When Vlad was eight years old, their family underwent a significant transition when his mother suffered a stroke and became paralyzed.

His father had passed away at the time. Additionally, a young student faced this challenge on his own.

An orphanage was his vivid future. Vlad, on the other hand, did not abandon his mother and did not submit to fate. He began to do his best to assist her in recovering, despite his age.

Vlad had the good fortune of having a neighbor take custody of him and settle all of the issues with social services; however, the boy had to deal with things on his own.

When Vlad turned 16 years old, the media began discussing him and his mother once more. This story left practically nobody apathetic, even authorities embraced to help the kid.

His efforts to recover his mother were fruitful; she began speaking again, though not as well as before, which was still progress.

Presently the person is 24 years of age, he got the calling of a welder and works in his old neighborhood.

The family relocated to an apartment that was provided to them by the local authorities from an old wooden house. Vlad continues to put in a lot of effort to ensure a bright future for his family.

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