They were given a choice: either they lose their daughter, or the triplets will be born prematurely…


A married couple learned that one of the triplets’ lives was in danger at 28 weeks of gestation.

Doctors gave Chloe Dastan, 22, and her husband Roan, a choice: either they prevent the deaths of just two children or they prematurely give birth to triplets with all possible side effects.

“We need everyone! We will not choose from our children!” the parents made it clear.

Chloe had to spend several weeks in the hospital with her daughter because the youngest of the triplets was born weighing only 600 grams.

However, praise God, everything turned out well. The three children are all healthy and alive!

They were all soon reunited. The most intriguing aspect, however, is that in addition to a contented father, three additional brothers were also waiting for them at home.

Currently, the mother of six children writes a moving blog called “Chloe and the Beans” about her rather large family.

In excess of 350 thousand individuals have previously bought into it, who essentially revere this family and held their clenched hands and petitioned God for them in a troublesome second.

Look at Chloe if you’ve ever complained that having two or three kids is hard. It appears to be that this is the most tranquil and cheerful family in spite of what they needed to go through.

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